Prizes & Proceedings

Giulio Cesare Borgia Prize

The Giulio Cesare Borgia Prize for Young Researchers will be awarded.

The Prize (3000€) has been established with the following motivation: In memory of the contribution made by Giulio Cesare Borgia to the development of Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media and for the particular attention he always paid to the enthusiasm, passion, and courage of young people who undertook the difficult and adventurous path of scientific investigation in this fascinating area of research.

The award will be presented to the emerging scientist who, based on a presentation to the community at the conference, shows greatest promise for future scientific leadership.

The award will normally be given to those under the age of 35. The committee will be constituted by the members of the steering committee.

Poster Award

As for previous conferences, we will have poster prizes for the three best posters presented by students. The prizes will be books.


More details regarding the conference proceedings will be forthcoming