Tromsø is a popular tourist destination. Therefore, it is advised to book travel early!

Travel to Tromsø:

The main mode of transportation to Tromsø is via Tromsø International Airport Langnes. The Tromsø airport is well-connected with numerous domestic and international flights.

For those wishing to combine their visit with a tour of the Norwegian coast, Hurtigruten and Havila offer options to travel to Tromsø from other Norwegian cities.

Given the large distances involved, careful consideration should be taken before deciding to drive to Tromsø from other cities in Norway.

There are no train connections to Tromsø. The Tromsø Railstation is not an actual railway station.

Transportation to and from Tromsø Airport:

For convenient travel between Tromsø Airport Langnes and the city, various transportation options are available, including the airport express, city buses, and taxis.

The airport express provides a swift connection between the airport and Tromsø city center, with a journey time of approximately 15 minutes. Numerous stops and pick-up points are strategically located throughout the city. Detailed timetables for the airport express can be found here.

City bus routes 24, 40, and 42 offer additional transportation choices linking the airport to Tromsø city center. Tickets can be purchased from ticket machines, via the Troms Billett app, or directly on the bus (with cash payments in NOK accepted only if purchasing the ticket on board). Timetables for city buses are available for reference here.

Taxis are readily accessible outside the airport terminal, as well as at several ranks in downtown Tromsø. The taxi fare from the airport to the city center is approximately NOK 200 during daytime on weekdays, with higher fares applicable on weekends and during the evening or night hours. For pre-bookings, contact Tromsø Taxi at +47 03011 or Din Taxi at +47 02045.